Texas District Court Alliance
Mission Statement



The purpose of the Alliance shall be to establish a coalition of district court representatives to provide a means for the education of its members and to participate in the legislative, judicial and executive processes of state and federal government beneficial in the performance of the members' duties.



The Texas District Court Alliance evolved from The Texas Association of Child Support Registries (TACSRs), formed in 1996 to have a voice in the selection process and implementation of the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). The SDU was mandated by federal statute to process all child support in the State of Texas.

With the implementation of the SDU and selection of a vendor our initial objectives were met, however TACSRs began holding educational workshops in 2001 and became an important educational opportunity for district clerks, DRO directors with our reputation extending to court administrators and some district judges. The TACSRs Board was convinced that we should expand our membership to include personnel who work closely with our offices and the District Courts. At a meeting of the membership it was unanimously voted to change the name of the organization to the Texas District Court Alliance to more accurately reflect the makeup of its membership and the evolving purpose of the organization.

Texas District Court Alliance believes it is important to have additional educational opportunities available for district clerks and court personnel at an affordable cost.
It remains important for us to provide excellent education to our members by keeping registration and membership fees at a minimum to allow members to bring staff, especially in counties with limited budget resources.