Texas District Court Alliance
Overview of Goals and Strategies


Continue using quality speakers with backgrounds as experts in their
assigned topics to insure accurate information and exceptional training.

Because of quality programs, the annual workshops sponsored by the Texas District Court Alliance have consistently received ratings from attendees in excess of 4.6 out of a possible maximum of 5.

We have received many favorable comments i.e…..

“Best and most intense education I have attended in 8 years as a clerk!!!!”
“Upbeat, informative, and a terrific event.”
“Great, no waste of time, strictly business.”
“Excellent, I got more out of this conference than any other.”
“This is one of the most substantive programs I have attended, Great Job!!”
“My first time to attend. Will definitely mark this one for next year”.

Additional funding would provide the opportunity to employ expert speakers in order to maintain this level of appreciation.


Provide and maintain annually a library of current forms to be used by the membership as District Court personnel. Flash Drives are provided annually as a part of workshop material.

New forms are added and current forms are updated annually to comply with current statutes and rules. Each form is in the proper language and states the statute or rule from which it is mandated. These forms are uniform and are distributed statewide. Judges and practicing attorneys also benefit because they are uniform.